Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Swim, Bike, Run, Push Ups, Situps and Repeat

Today is a rest day, but I've just finished up eight weeks of "triathlon training" loosely based on a plan I've had success with before.

Most days, I ride my bike to work (good gear makes a big difference in the cold) and get in swim during lunch and another ride or run in the evening.  I've found out that I still have a little tendinitis lingering in my tibialis anterior and abductor hallucis.  Fortunately, with limited running miles and a long run on weekends I'm still finding that it has improved, to the point where I ran on the trails this weekend and didn't have any soreness this week.

With all the cross-training volume, I'm finding myself in reasonable running shape and at least decent bike shape for 50 miles or so on my Saturday long ride for the first time in a few years.  With 8 weeks and 88 hours of total logged time running, riding and swimming that puts me at a decent amount of volume and hopefully will give a me a good base to actually race with this spring!  At 11 hours a week (on average) that still (assuming 8 min miles) puts me at almost the same cardiovascular volume as an 80 mile week of running.  Looking at it that way I'm starting to feel decent about where my fitness is heading!

Training Volume (Hours) by Week

Other than some weights, lunges, squats, etc. my primary strength training has shifted for to a pretty simple system.  Today in one set I did 30 sit-ups and 30 push-ups to complete the 30th day of a popular challenge making the rounds among Bloomington runners, cyclists, and even couch potatoes.  I hate complicated workout plans so this is actually kind of fun and a nice break from the usual!  And on December 31st (assuming I stick with this) I'll do 365 push-ups and sit-ups!  This challenge might get tough.

27 Push Ups on the Tecumseh Trail

27 Sit Ups on the Tecumseh Trail

As of yet, I'm still waiting to feel 100% confidence with my right foot before I plan any racing.  The weekly long rides have been a lot of fun.  I've gotten to at least mostly keep up with Alex Potter, who rides a bit faster than me and see a few interesting Southern Indiana landmarks.

Snowy Ride

Green County Trestle / Viaduct

Alex zipping by the Trestle in the distance

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