Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Update

I just realized it's been around 30 days since my last post.  There have been plenty of post-worthy happenings so instead of rolling them all into one post I'll be working on some individual "catch up" posts for some of these.

Happenings include:
  • Cross training and adventuring with a tandem kayak
  • A trip to Lake Patoka and running challenging trails at Ferdinand State Park
  • Several 50+ mile weeks and a track workout for me (it's been a while)
  • Some new shoe experience and reviewing of the New Balance MT110, Merrell Trail Glove, Brooks Pure Grit, Brooks Pure Cadence, and New Balance RC 1400
  • Some other new gear and nutrition experiments
  • Finishing lots of running related books including Running with the Buffaloes, Becoming Odyssa (Jennifer Pharr Davis), Running with Joy (Ryan Hall), The Marathoners (Hal Higdon), Eat and Run (Scott Jurek)
  • First trail race of the year at the DINO Brown County 5K (Katie) / 15K (Me)
  • A roadtrip with camping and running out west in Colorado and Utah
  • A rock/foot collision that ended with a new (but minor) injury for me
  • A 5K this upcoming weekend for Katie

I have lots of writing to do.

Running up the Continental Divide